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Great-looking, professionally designed Website in a very short time and at a very reasonable cost. Now you can instantly build your web site and maintain it online using HOSTINDIA.NET's Instant Website Builder Tool - Sitebuilder.

Sitebuilder provides unique capabilities for non-technical users who want to create, publish, and maintain their web sites without any knowledge of HTML or other programming languages. The SiteBuilder web site content management solution allows you to create your web sites with minimum efforts. Simply choose your template, enter your information in the easy to use web browser administrative tool provided and with the click of a button, your site will be online.

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Plans and Pricing
Individuals & Home Office Users
  • Upto 15 Web Pages
Small & Medium Size Businesses
  • Upto 50 Pages
Key features of HOSTINDIA.NET Sitebuilder are:
  • Easy-to-use web interface. Simple five-step point-and-click wizard allows you to build and publish you web site instantly.
  • More than 1000 high-quality templates with color variants offer rich opportunities for users to make their web sites attractive and effective.
  • With the powerful 'What You See Is What You Get' Editor (WYSIWYG Editor) that comes with SiteBuilder, you see the entire page context while editing the contents. All changes on web pages can be tried and viewed before they are submitted, in the live context.
  • Various SiteBuilder modules* add more functionality to your web site pages, such as Flash intro, Blog, Image Gallery, Guestbook, eShop, Forum, Feedback, eShop and many others. Non-technical users can create specialized service pages, such as e-shops and photo galleries.
  • Fully qualified technical support - Live Chat, Phone and Email

Note: The plans listed above DO NOT include Web Hosting services. After purchasing Website Builder Plan to publish website, you need to purchase appropriate Web Hosting Plan from us separately.
*Trial sites can be published only after purchasing Website Builder Plan and Web Hosting Service.

Creating Website

Process of creating a web site includes three main stages: Planning, implementation, and web site updating or maintenance. HOSTINDIA.NET Instant Websites Builder Tool help in all 3 stages. It offers simple five-step point-and-click wizard which allows you to plan, build and publish you web site instantly.

  • Step 1 - Start. On this step, you choose whether to create a site from scratch or create a site using one of the proposed site templates (site-blog, site-photo gallery, etc.).
  • Step 2 - Design. On this step, you configure your site layout, color scheme, menu style, logo and banner, as well as set up text elements appeared at the background of your site, such as the title phrase and the copyright notice.
  • Step 3 - Pages. On this step, you configure the structure of your site and arrange the pages hierarchy in the site map.
  • Step 4 - Edit. On this step, you create and edit the content of your site pages.
  • Step 5 - Publish. On this step, you publish your site on the Internet.
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