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SMS Keyword Hosting Mobile Marketing Service bridges the gap between traditional style reactive and proactive marketing campaigns. It is an innovative approach to increase returns at low cost for your organisation and can also help enhance and differentiate your brand. It is highly personalised, interactive and has an immediate impact. When used cross media (Mix with Radio, TV, Print) to complement other promotions, mobile marketing has been proven to generate a solid increase in sales.

What is It? SMS Keyword Hosting service provides a simple yet effective way of returning a pre-defined message to a mobile phone in response to a keyword that has been sent by text message. The applications of this service are extraordinarily varied, it is ideal for any business to generate leads and to reach prospective customers. The versatility and low cost of the our service means that many businesses can fully harness the power of SMS communications.

How it works?

Prospective Customer is interested in your services and would like you to call him/her >> Prospective Customer sends your company's Keyword as SMS to Shortcode from his/her mobile >> System immediately sends prospective customer's mobile number to you and sends thank you SMS to prospect >> You call prospective customer, provide required information and convert prospect into a client

Key Benefits
  • Immediate: 'Brand in hand' and Nationwide reach.
  • 'Spontaneity effect' - Many customers either will respond immediately to an ad, or tell themselves that they will "get to it later." Later seldom comes and they never end up contacting you. With SMS Keyword, customers are spontaneously reaching you 24/7.
  • Return calls at your convenience.
  • Rapidly acquire your own mobile phone customer database.
  • Track response of your ad campaigns in different geographic regions.
  • No per SMS cost to your company.

Reach SMS Keyword Hosting service provides the finest performance, commercial messaging services to the business market. Your SMS keyword will be accessible to almost all mobile users across the country (INDIA). We believe in giving our clients only the best.

Go Live and Enjoy the flexibility and freedom to communicate anytime - anywhere!
Start acquiring new customers at very low cost!
With simple set-up and running procedures, the SMS Keyword hosting and responder service is a powerful, affordable addition to your marketing strategy.

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